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Turner Sparks met me at my new New York apartment during his visit from Shanghai. We talked about the unique challenge he's faced opening up a Mister Softee franchise in China. It's kind of crazy how much different business is there than here. 

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Barry Rothbart came over to my apartment to tell me about growing up with a father who hung out and worked with organized crime. It must have been strange growing up knowing your father was a gambler who won and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. The intro was recorded at 5am after a night of heavy drinking in Montreux, Switzerland

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Steve Simeone invited me over to his place while I was in LA and we talked about happiness. It started off being a conversation about being broke, but it quickly shifted as it became evident that Steve's poverty level was no longer the main influence on his mood. We talked about girls, and about family, and about giganitic boobs. But at its base, it's just a couple of buddies hanging out.

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Jim Florentine and Bret Ernst joined me in Bret's hotel room in Cabo to record a bonus podcast. We were drunk, so I have no idea what we talked about. Maybe girls? The middle east? Your guess is as good as mine. I remember it being a fun conversation till about 10 minutes left when Guidus Interruptus took over the conversation again and we all got tired.

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Sean Patton came over to my apartment in New York to talk about his hometown of New Orleans. Sean was born there, he was there for Katrina, and through both of those events, he was severely drunk. It was a fun conversation that took us through some of the history and to today's best tourist attraction, watching closeted gay guys pretend to not know they're going into a gay club.

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Tony Hinchcliffe, Mat Edgar, Pete Cornacchione, and I spent Shroomfest together this year. We drove out to Joshua Tree, ate some shrooms, and wandered out into the wilderness. And then we had, what I believe, is probably the first podcast recorded at Joshua Tree National Park. 

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Stevie Ryan invited me over to her apartment to smoke pot and watch reality shows one day about a year ago. We ended up recording a podcast about introverts and then we recorded another one about our short lived relationship. Of course we meandered into all sorts of stuff but it was fun seeing two sides of a whole bunch of different scenarios. Catch Stevie on her own show on VH1 called Stevie TV.

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Mat Edgar and I talked about our shoplifting days on a trip back from San Diego. We both had pasts as thieves and this was a nice way to fill half our drive home. I forgot about how much I used to steal when I was little. I don't know how I never got caught. 

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Mac Danzig met me at the Comedy Store to talk about veganism. He's a UFC fighter and 100% Vegan. It's an odd choice for a fighter. Come listen in on the conversation. He's a really chill guy. Not like the normal vegans who shove their views down your throat so you don't have room to eat burgers.

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Kurt Metzger talks to me about his former religious lifestyle and how he feels about religion now. It's not positive. I recorded this at Kurt's apartment in Manhattan while his puppy was trying to bite our hands. We strayed about as far as I have off topic. But it was still one of the funniest episodes I've done.

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