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#160: Around the World (@SarahTiana, @SteveSimeone

Sarah Tiana has me over to her new house to talk about all the places she's been. And she's been to soooo many places. Comedy has brought her all over the middle east and half of Europe. And her adventurous spirit has brought her to many more places. Steve Simeone joins me for the intro and outro on location in the car on a road trip down California.

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#159: Thrilled (@TomSegura)

Tom Segura had me over to his palatial beach house to do an in depth analysis of his first album, Thrilled. It was a hilarious album and I'm glad he was able to give an inside look at how the bits came to be, his delivery style, and the problems he has looking back at the album. We treat it kind of academically. It's something I'd like to see a lot more comics do in the future and I'm so happy Tom was willing to do it here. The standup will be hilarious and the analysis will be instructive.

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#158: Thin Skinned Comedy Fucker (@JoeDerosaComedy)

Joe Derosa had me over to his house so we could talk about what it's like boning girls from the comedy scene. But we got way sidetracked by a percieved slight and so we had to deal with that fire before we could get back to the sex thing. And we got some fun stories about the New York comedy scene while we were finding our way back.

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#157: Divorce, of Course (@JacobSirof & @SherrySirof)

Jacob Sirof and Sherry Sirof (nee East) each had me over to their places of residence to talk about the divorce that they're going through right now. First I went to Moshe Kasher's old place where Jacob is staying. Then a week later I went to their old apartment to talk to Sherry about the same topic. It's an interesting view into two sides of a disolution of the bond of marriage. 

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#156: Daddy Dearest (@BrandtTobler)

Brandt Tobler and I walked to Runyon Canyon on a hot February afternoon. We talked about what a shitbox father he had. It's a story that has its roots in mall scams that Brandt had worked all through growing up. And it continued to Vegas scams that he ran while living with dear old dad in Sin City.

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