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Craig Campbell came over to my flat in Edinburgh to talk all about mushrooms. Craig is f*cking nuts. He's done more sh-t in his life than 5 of us will. And he loves mushrooms. Because they're part of a healthy breakfast. So what better way to celebrate this year's shroomfest than to talk to a wild man about the magic fungus. It was a really fun episode. I hope you all have a wonderful shroomfest. I'll see you on the other side of the galaxy.

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#233: Death of the Party (@KyleKinane)

Kyle Kinane had me over to his flat in Edinburgh, Scotland to do an album commentary on his first album, Death of the Party. This is the 6th of these comedy album breakdowns I do with the comedians. Kyle is legit one of the best comics in America and this was a real treat to get to do with him. We talked all about his first release. Where the bits came from, style, technique, all of it. By the way, Shroomfest starts Saturday and goes till the end of Monday!

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#232: The Wrestler (@ColtCabana)

Colt Cabana had me over to his flat in Edinburgh, Scotland for a talk about indy wrestling. Colt is a looper. He's made a living as a wrestler for almost two decades. We talked about the travel, the money, the trials and tribulations. Everything about what it's like to be an independant wrestler. He's a super positive guy and he taught me a thing or two about appreciating what you've got.

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#231: State of the Union Address (@ComicDaveSmith, @AhirShah, @AlexKealy, @AlexSmithComic)

Dave Smith came over to my apartment to catch me up on the state of America over the last year or so. We've gone through a lot of change as a country. Gay marriage was legalized, racial tension with the police came to a head, government spending reached new heights and much more. Dave broke down all the important American stories and we analyzed them together. Ahir Shah, Alex Kealy, and Alex Smith are my roommates for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and they weighed in on the intro as outside observers of what's going on in the good old US of A.

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#230: Unconservative and Incorrect (@NickDipaolo)

Nick Dipaolo met me at my apartment to talk about how he's not a conservative and how Libertarians feel about conservativism and political correctness. Fun podcast and I finished it only minutes before I leave for Scotland for all of August. So long, America.

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