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Bonnie McFarlane met me in Montreal to talk about this theory going around that women aren't funny. She just finished shooting a movie on the subject and she's a funny woman herself, so she had a lot of really good insight on the subject. 

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Nick Thune came over to the slop haven I currently call my apartment to talk to me about monogamy. I don't know anyone who would have an easier time getting laid than Nick. So for him to only bone one girl for more than a month is hard for me to comprehend. 

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#68b: Blacks (Al Jackson)

Al Jackson continues his talk with me on all things African American. Man, that term seems racist to me. He's black. We're talking about black people. Enjoy.

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Al Jackson stopped by Casa de Shaffir while he was in LA for a nice long talk about black people. Of course, I forgot to ask some key questions, but there was still plenty of time to have 3 hours of conversation about it. In case you didn't know, Al Jackson is black.

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My friend came to my apartment and let me ask her questions about cutting herself. It turns out, the problems went way deeper than the cuts did. She spent multiple stints in rehab facilities to try and overcome her problems with self abuse. See, cutting was just the beginning. She also had to deal with anorexia. It's a complex web. 

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Johnny Pemberton met me at the Comedy Store and we talked about his horribly sick colon. Most of us take going to the bathroom fof granted. Not Johnny. To him, every dump is a blessing. A smelly, smelly blessing.

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