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#104: The Art of War (Greg Jackson, Ari Shaffir, @KevinGChristy)

Greg Jackson of Greg Jackson's MMA met me in a hotel room in Vegas a few hours before UFC 156. Greg has always asked me about standup comedy and how comics will handle different situations. After some time he told me why he was so interested. He sees similarities between all art forms. He tries to find universal truths that apply to many art forms so he can apply that knowledge to MMA fight theory. It's really fascinating stuff. We've been talking about this stuff for years now and it's so interesting to me. If, like me, you thought everyone associated with cage fighting were meatheads, you're about to get a beautiful reminder of how people from all walks of life can offer you growth and knowlege. 

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Mark Ellis and Christian Harloff met me in the Belly Room of the Comedy Store to talk about the movies. We used the Oscars as an excuse to talk but really it was about movies in general. Those guys have made a life for themselves reviewing movies in a fun way and it was nice to talk to them about my problems with today's films. There's something about the Comedy Store that lets comics feel at ease.

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Doug Benson met me at the Comedy Store on a beautiful 75 degree February day. We talked about those few girls that hurt you more than all the others. The ones who you couldn't shake from your heart. It was a very revealing and honest talk. We also made friends with a random tour group that was going by. It was a lot of sides of Doug that I'd never seen before.

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Jim Florentine met me at the Comedy Store to talk about pranks. As long as I've known about Jim, I've known him as the guy who is always willing to go for the goof. He went to a damn abortion protest, for God's sake. He was always doing so many fun jokes that I even forgot he used to be the voice of Special Ed on Crank Yankers, which was probably my favorite characters. Really fun episode.

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Jeff Danis and Ryan O'Neill came by my apartment to talk about their jobs as grocery delivery drivers. Oh my god, there were so many hilarious stories. They're both comedians from the Comedy Store and their job is so ridiculous. For delivery drivers, there's a shocking amount of talk about nipples and Down syndrome.

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Greg Fitzsimmons had me over to his garage to tell me how much he loves to fight. Not organized fights. Just fights. Just regular, two dudes don't know each other and then one is punching the other, fights. It's a pretty fun podcast. What he does in the car is hard for me to wrap my head around.

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