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#245: Loose Lips Sink Ships (@MarkNorm)

Mark Normand came over to my apartment to have a discussion about keeping one’s mouth shut. Mark gets into trouble all the time for sharing too much and I wanted to talk about what that means, and the repercussions therein, and if it’s even possible for a comedian to share too much. And we meandered a crudload so it’s not entirely about having a big mouth.

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#244: Butterflather (@PatCoppolino)

Patrick Coppolino met me in my hotel room in Calgary to do a catch-up session on how he now feels about fatherhood. You might remember Patrick as a new father in episode 61. Well, it's been a few years, and I thought it'd be cool to see how he feels about things now. We meander A BUNCH in this episode so don't worry if you don't care about fatherhood. 

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#243: Hostel Territory (@HebertComedy)

Sean Hebert met me in a hotel room in Toronto to talk to me about hostels. I met Sean on my travels a few times. I've smoked dirt weed with him in his comically tiny apartment in Hong Kong and I've snorted Ritalin with him in his hostel in Thailand. He's stayed in hostels all over the world and he's been in all different kinds. So it's a lot of talk about life and travels in other countries. And Sean is a traveler for sure. 

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