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Andrew Themeles and I get way deeper into this conversation about what he saw leading up to the loan scandal in this country. We got interrupted by almost everyone on Sunset but still managed to make it through. Get the first part first and then listen to this one.

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Andrew Themeles met me at the Comedy Store to talk about his role in the economic collapse. It was a beautiful LA day, so we sat in the front patio and watched all the madness on Sunset during our conversation. It was an insightful look into where we all went wrong. And we also talked a little about fucking British sluts without condoms.

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Rick Ingraham and I went into the old Comedy Store phone room to talk about his medical problems. Ingraham's stomach has been a cauldren of hatred for the last half decade or so and recently found out that he's got childhood dieabetes. Listen to the story of this crazy medical problem by a hilarious comedian.

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Brendon Walsh had me over to his place in the cool part of town and we talked about drugs for a while. Good, old fashioned, drugs. The kind our forefathers had in mind when they killed the Indians over the last of the heroin. Brendan was still bombed off the night before's relaxation cookie, so he shouldn't be held accountable for anything he says or forgot to say.

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Cort McCown invited Steve Rannazzisi and me to his apartment to talk about his old days as a Hollywood heartthrob. He had some crazy times when he was younger. He boned women I could only dream of. And a few of them that I actually did dream of.

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Joe Rogan and I got rowdy on the plane from Los Angeles to Edmonton. This podcast is a coproduction of the Joe Rogan Experience and the Skeptic Tank. We talked about marijuana edibles, coming out of the closet (neither of us had the guts to do it ourselves on this podcast), the caveman diet, Bobcat Goldthwait, and our stewardess. Pretend like you're the oil refinery guy sitting next to me and listen in on our whole conversation. It's like you're there with us in coach.

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Patrick Coppolino comes back to my hotel room after our secret show in a Toronto pot room and we talk about some of the things he managed to forget during the first podcast. Manolis Zontanos is there to help the story along, too. He was the only one who hadn't been smoking because of how he still lives with his parents because he smoked before.

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