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Pauly Shore had me up to his office at the Comedy Store to talk about his unique childhood. Pauly is the son of the woman who owns and runs the Comedy Store. He was a 12 year old in the middle of the madness. It's a different side of him that I kind of like.

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Sam Tripoli, Jason Rouse, and Chris Neff joined me, Ari Shaffir, in the old phone room at the Comedy Store to talk about the comedy tour we all went on 2 years prior. It was one of the funnest months of my life. It was the opposite of any road gig I've ever done. We drove from gig to gig, we slept 3 to a room at cheap motels and we did a lot of drugs. Join us as we recap the adventure.

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#83b: Magic Mike (Mike Young)

I met up with Mike Young again to finish off our marathon of a conversation about his skills with women. I won't call it game, because it's not thought out or devious like that. It's just skills. He's just better than us at picking up super hot women.

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#83a: Magic Mike (Mike Young)

Mike Young invited me over to his luxury apartment to talk about his super power. Mike has the unique ability to pull tail. He's always had it. You really can't quite imagine. He's magic. Magic Mike.

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Steve Rannazzisi and I were on our way down to San Diego to perform at the La Jolla Comedy Store for the weekend and we thought we'd record a short podcast on our way to promote the new season of The League on FX and just to have fun. It's pretty funny and devoid of any specific subjects. Just two idiot comics shooting the shit for half an hour.

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Dwayne Perkins had me over to his apartment to talk about Brooklyn. He broke down all the different parts of the area, where the crime is, where the cockroaches are, and where the Jews avoid. Nothing serious here, just a lot of fun.

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#81: Sam Kinison (Don Barris, Mary Jane, Airy Shiyfer)

Don Barris invited me over to his studio where I tried and failed to get him to talk about his road rage. Instead we stumbled upon an amazing topic that I'm glad to have explored. Sam Kinison. He wasn't just a comedian. He was a leader. When he had his run of the Comedy Store, he was a force of nature around there.

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Dale Dudley came over to my hotel room in Austin, TX to shoot the shit and talk about his childhood molestation. It's way more fun than the subject matter. This is a really good, honest, and funny podcast. It's exactly what I envisioned when I started the Skeptic Tank.

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