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Joey Diaz invited me over to his house to talk about the daughter he barely ever mentions. As always with Joey Diaz, some of these stories are amazing. He's so honest and colorful, I could just sit and listen to him for days.

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Justin Martindale, Shawn Halpin and I talked in my hotel room about Justin's qualifications to run for mayor of gay. This episode is unbelievably gay. If you're Christian, you probably shouldn't listen to it. Unless you're a Catholic priest, then it might turn you on.

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Justin Martindale talked to us about his gay adventure in Dallas. I was there with him and Shawn Halpin to play the Addison Improv and Justin stopped by my hotel room and talked to Shawn and I about the gayest day I have ever heard of. And I live in West Hollywood, CA.

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Frazer Smith shares his story of how he went from being a radio god to how he lost it all. It's a really interesting tale. And I had my friend David Taylor cohost with me because he knew a lot of Frazier's stories already and I wanted his help guiding it.

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Sarah Tiana and I were talking at The Comedy Store one evening. During our conversation, I came to realize that in my head, I had mistakenly classified her as a sexual "good girl." I guess I've always known her as girlfriend material. So we met back there a couple nights later to discuss how she came into her own, how she operates, and how she likes having become this sexual butterfly.

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Danny Lobell met me at The Comedy Store to talk about his time in Israel. We both spent periods of our lives there. We eventually got into a discussion about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Danny's a bit of a peacenik so it took a lot from me to accept some of what he was saying and that made for some interesting conversation. Don't turn it off too early because towards the end we got onto the topic of Danny's weight. It's the beginnings of what I'll eventually do with someone else. And at the end of the episode is a shroomfest announcement.

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