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#173: Beijingaling (@DesBishop, @ComicDaveSmith)

Des Bishop met me in a park in Beijing to tell me all about China. Des is a comic from Ireland by way of New York and he moved to Beijing a couple of years ago to learn Mandarin to try to do standup for Chinese people. He came as an outsider and after almost 2 years there, he's made quite a few observations about the country and about Beijing in particular. What a cool thing about podcasts that I can record these with minimal effort on the other side of the planet. Dave Smith joins me for the intro and outro.


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#172: Begrudgingly Domesticated (@Jason23Nash)

Jason Nash met me at his friends deluxe apartment in the skyiyiy to talk about marriage. Nash has always been, shall we say, rageful about his marriage onstage. It was nice to get a good honest negative view of marriage from someone who is still in one. Intro from Hong Kong.

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#171: Lights Off (@BillyWayneDavis)

Billy Wayne Davis had me over to his dinge hole of a motel 2 years ago to talk to me about his imploded marriage. It was a wreck and he's finally out of it. I held on to this one for so long because much like a beaten dog, Billy Wayne was still scared of his ex until now. The introduction was recorded on top of the Great Wall of China. 

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#170: HIV for Victory (@JeffScott101

Jeff Scott had me over to his West Hollywood apartment to tell me the story of his HIV. How he got it, how he's managed to live with it for 30 years, how it's affected his life, how he's been treated by others, and about the friends he's lost. It's one of the most interesting podcasts I've done. You should share it with everybody.

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#169: Blacklanta (@ComedienneMsPat, @BigJayOakerson)

Ms. Pat joined me in a park in Brooklyn (maybe Park Slope? No, that seems wrong) to tell me about what it was like growing up in the hood in Atlanta. Spoiler alert: It was way different than how I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. It's a story of teen pregnancies, gunshot wounds, and Jimmy Carter.

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