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Yoshi Obayashi came back to my apartment after putting change in his meter and we continued our conversation about his job editing porn. It was more based on the things he saw while he was an editor, which includes small children in the offices and slightly less small children having sex on camera before they turned 18. 

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Yoshi Obayashi came over to my apartment on 2 hours of sleep to tell me about his time editing pornography for Evil Angel. I'm warning you right now, this gets dark. The 2nd part is even darker. Yoshi saw some stuff during his 10 years at that job that shouldn't be told to the world. So of course, that's all I wanted to talk about.

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Sarah Tiana met me at the Comedy Store to talk about her crazy experience with love in the Middle East. It's sort of a sad story. We're comics, so it was still funny, but it was still really sad at the same time. So it averages out to sort of sad. 

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Al Jackson came over to my apartment to talk about black people. But we got on a huge tangent that lasted an hour before we got on topic so I decided to let you guys hear it instead of throwing it out. Al is hilarious so I'm sure you'll enjoy it

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Stevie Ryan had me over to her home during heat wave of oh-twelve. We huddled under the air conditioner like dogs and talked about introversion. Since I've known her, Stevie has always seemed happiest just sitting on her couch watching reality TV. She never leaves her apartment if she doesn't have to. She also gave me relationship advice and broke down her Twitter war with some dumb reality show star.

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Kurt Metzger and I went to see Batman with his girlfriend, Karen Margolis, and her sister wife, Sade. Kurt and Karen are boyfriend/girlfriend. Karen and Sade are BFFs. And Sade and Kurt have sex. So we did podcast about the movie but mostly about this unique relationship they all have. It works so great for them they couldn't even understand why I was interested. The sound sucks, sorry, but it's better in part 2.

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