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#186: Das Juden (@LouisKatz

Louis Katz met me at Union Square to have whole foods salad bar lunch on steps like champions. We talked about being Jewish. I only really have my own perspective on it, so it was nice to hear what another version of a nonaffiliated Jew is. You'll have to excuse the music coming from the live Dance Dance Revolution going on behind us. New York, man. There's no space. And I do the intro from the most fitting place I could think of for a podcast about Jews. Live from Munich, Germany at Oktoberfest.

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#185: Kiss the Cook (@ThisDavidTaylor)

David Taylor met me at my LA AirBnb to talk about chefing. Chefing? Sure. David has been cooking for a few years now and he's gotten kind of into it. So we just talked about that. And of course, we meandered a crudload. 

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#184: Yellowman (@ShengWangTime, @BigJayOakerson)

Sheng Wang came to my apartment to talk about the Asian American experience. Well, he came over to do a podcast, and then I asked him all about Chinatown, and then it just becomes a whole podcast about Asianness. 

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#183: Popo (@MarkDemayo)

Mark Demayo came over to my apartment this week. We drank some beers and talked about his 20 years as a policeman in New York. It was a fun, open conversation. I asked him a ton of questions about what being a cop is like and Mark answered everything. Fun podcast.

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Nick Youssef and I were in Chicago to watch Arcade Fire and to do a show at Zanies to pay for it. So we decided to do a podcast all about concerts. Nick's been to a million concerts and I've been to a bunch of the ones he's been to. So it's a fun conversation about live music. Direct from Chitown.

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