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Auntie Dolores (that's not really her name) met me at the Comedy Store patio to talk about edibles. She makes some of the best brownies, pretzels, lolipops, nuts, and popcorn you can find in California. We talked about how she makes things, her worries with the authorities, and when she got started. Plus we also reminisced about our history with pot cookies.

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Bert Kreischer met me on the patio of the Comedy Store to talk about his history with alcohol. We covered how he got started, when it became a major part of his life, and where he stand with it now. It was a fun talk that got a little dark in a couple places when we discussed his ex and again when another comedian walked by. And Joe Rogan makes an appearance on the intro.

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Jessica Ahlquist drove all the way from Rhode Island to my New York apartment to tell me about her lawsuit to have a prayer banner removed from the walls of her public school. She's an amazing woman and her courage really helps make me feel like a coward for not standing up for more things I believe in. Really interesting conversation.

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Cort McCown came over to my LA apartment before I left for New York and we talked about his sweet ass job as a professional caddy on the PGA tour. It's the golf equivalent to being a ball boy. But way cooler than that because you get to make money and you're a grown man now.

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