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Jeff Dye and Geoff Keith stopped by Skeptic Tank Studios to talk about their experiences as super attractive men. The hard part of this episode was convincing these two guys that they were way more attractive than average men. Most of our discussion was spent talking about the women we've managed to finagle into our beds. They had a much easier time finagling than I did. It's not like I think I'm ugly, definitely not by semitic standards, but these guys are in a different category.  Enjoy

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Steven Brody Stevens stopped by Skeptic Tank Studios (my apartment) to share the details of his 17 day stay in the psyche ward at UCLA. It took us, like, 30 minutes to get into the topic, but eventually we did. We diverged a lot into a really cool discussion about perspective on life and how you can fall into a negative and self sabotaging way of thinking about things.

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Jeremy Horwitz talked to David Taylor and I about his experiences as a college professor at Santa Clara. Obviously, I asked if he's ever had sex with a student. There's actually a lot more to the job than waiting for signals from sorority chicks.

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Moshe Kasher opened up his home to me and just like on a typical Shabbos afternoon, we talked until it got dark.

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Paul Morrissey finishes off our epic 4 hour conversation with him pretty much interviewing me about my desire to move to New York and then a one sided argument about the problems with continuing membership in the Catholic Church. I didn't really go into this part wanting to find anything out specific, so I'm not going to give it a specific Skeptic Tank number, but it was interesting enough for me to want to air. Enjoy.

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#34: Sports Machine (Paul Morrissey)

Paul Morrissey and I continue with our conversation, this time centering on his short lived career doing sports for local news stations.

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Paul Morrissey gets to revisit the glory of his college basketball days. This was an almost 4 hour discussion that I've separated into 2 podcasts and an extra features episode. I'm only going to break up conversations like this if it has 2 or more really different and unattached topics of discussion.

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#32: Hollywood Director (Neal Brennan)

Neal Brennaninvited me over to his place to talk about his experiences being a film director. He's the only guy I know, know who's gotten to direct an actual Hollywood movie. It's pretty cool. We covered that and our meanderings (that's a word now) took us to standup, Occupy Wall Street, and a bunch of other places. There was a little chunk in the middle that I had to cut out because I ended up mentioning some private information about one of my buddies that I realized I shouldn't have mentioned. It wasn't even anything funny or interesting so I didn't mind dropping it out anyway

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Tony Hinchcliffe, Mat Edgar and I met back up the day after we did part one and we finished off this discussion about the great clean of 2011 and about hoarding in general. Most of the time, we ended up listening to Sanford and Son clips. We're very organized. Thanks for listening.

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Mat Edgar and Tony Hinchcliffe were hired to help clean my apartment. While it wasn't an American horror story, it was pretty close. I'm a damn hoarder and I had built up quite the trash castle in my place. We had a great time talking about how hellish it was and what I can do to keep out of clutter trouble from here on out. And obviously, we talked a bunch about wrestling and Sanford and Son, too.

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Al Madrigal took me into his home office to discuss the joys of fatherhood. Becoming a parent has long been one of my greatest fears, so it was nice to talk to someone who didn't share my concerns at all. As long as I've known Al he's been a father. And he's cool enough and honest enough to talk to me about what that means to him.

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Jenn Cole lost her friend about a week before we recorded this. I really wanted to get into the feeling of grief that comes with loss but I'm so intrigued by suicide that I just ended up wanted to know all the details leading up to her friend, Chris, taking his own life. This is a serious subject but I treat it with the same lighthearted inquisitiveness that I treat any other subject. I hate getting caught up feeling the same emotions as the subject. So, while I have a general respect for suicide, I don't let the idea of it make me sad. So with that in mind, please enjoy this really interesting conversation with someone who just lost a friend.

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#28 Persistence (Steve Simeone)

Steve Simeone came to the apartment and we got in a nice long conversation about our struggles in Hollywood over the years. I’ve known him for nearly as long as I’ve been in Los Angeles. I didn’t quite realize how long it had been until we started talking. Man, there were some great times had while we were coming up. Steve is one of the funniest guys I know and he’s also one of the nicest. The fact that he’s not a household name is a sign that there is no justice in the world. But at least it led to some good stories about life on the lower end of the standup totem pole. I hope you enjoy it. I think too often there’s talk of how a particular entertainer made it in Hollywood and there’s never enough attention called to the survival years where you’re just trying to get by while you’re chasing your dreams. We got a lot of those stories in here. Enjoy.

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#27 Censorship (Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir)

Joe Rogan and I got into a conversation on the plane back from Washington, DC. We covered censorship, comedy in general, Joe's fear of the Los Angeles apocalypse, and probably a little UFC. It's tough to remember. I was too sober.

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Steve Agee talks mental disorders.

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While I was visiting New York, I interviewed comedian Mike Lawrence about comic books. I was trying to interview him about what comic book nerd life was like, but then it just turned to talk about comic books and the movies. I'm not a great interviewer. Anyway, fun conversation.

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Kurt Metzger talks to me about his former religious lifestyle and how he feels about religion now. It's not positive. I recorded this at Kurt's apartment in Manhattan while his puppy was trying to bite our hands. We strayed about as far as I have off topic. But it was still one of the funniest episodes I've done.

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