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#207: Cup o' Joe (@NickYoussef)

Nick Youssef came to my hotel room in Seattle to talk about coffee. Nick has nothing of value in his life, so he fills his void by shopping for old records, thrift store clothes, and coffee. He's become kind of an afficianado. So we did a podcast all about the black art. We also talked about this sick fight we saw the night before on the streets.

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@206: The 2015 Gay Super Bowl; The Oscars (@SchmoesKnow)

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis met me at the Comedy Store for the 3rd straight year to talk about the Oscars. I love these podcasts. We get to shit on movies for 2 hours, it's great. Kristian and Mark are the team that makes up Schmoes Know. They've got an awesome movie podcast and they always teach me about the movies I didn't get a chance to see. I also come up with a sweet plan for fun so listen before Wednesday and listen all the way through.

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#205: Bound (@GwenMedia)

Mistress Isabella Sinclaire came over to the apartment I'm unwillingly sharing in LA to tell me about BDSM. She's pretty much a professinal torturer, which is way different than that job would be in Game of Thrones. This is all about domination, usually sexually. It was a great long discussion and if you're wondering if she was going to put electrodes on my balls to shock them, the answer is of course she did. Benji Aflalo joins me for the outro.

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#204: Rasslin' (@TheMikeLawrence, @SteveSimeone)

Mike Lawrence met me at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City so we could record a podcast about wrestling. Mike has always been one of the comics who loves wrestling on a non-ironic level and he's always been good at explaining things to me that I don't agree with. So I'm glad he was able to explain to me what I'm missing with wrestling. It always seemed like garbage entertainment for garbage people. But Mike made me see how cool is it to follow the action of the squared circle. And plus I think we did this on, like, Christmas day or Christmas eve. So thank you, Jews. Steve Simeone helps with the intro and outro. 

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