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@Anonyphant and @Star_Fawkes came back to the Comedy Store to finish off our conversation about Anonymous. It was a really interesting and enlightening conversations and one of my favorite podcasts I've done. They're not out to get us, you guys. They're here to help us. They are us. We are Anonymous.

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Luke Harder and Star_Fawkes met me at the Comedy Store to talk about Anonymous. It was a really enlightening conversation. I think we all got the wrong idea about these guys. This is one to spread around.

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Tom Segura and I went over to Brendon Walsh's palatial hotel room in Toronto and celebrated Tom's CD release by barely talking about it. We're pretty tuned up so the whole conversation was relatively hilarious. Just like Tom's new CD, White Girls with Corn Rows. This podcast brought to you by the JFL 42 Comedy Festival.

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#77: Very Very Very Fine House (Kevin Christy, Steve Rannazzisi, Ari Shaffir)

Kevin Christy invited me over to his now finished house to talk about the horror of sinking a bunch of money into a crap shack. This is a tale of caution to anyone out there thinking of buying a house. Of course our talk meandered everywhere from art to Andrew WK. Plus a special guest appearance in the intro by The League's Steve Rannazzisi

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Kevin Shea came over to my apartment and we talked about standup for a while. I kept waiting to start getting into a full topic but then we ran out of time so we never got into anything specific. So enjoy the fruits of my mistakes. Some fun talk about nothing with Kevin Shea.

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Bert Kreischer invited me over to his Man Cave and we talked about our egos. For real. We talked about how we're hoping to keep it in check and what we're afraid of becoming. And we talk about when it's already gotten out of control. And we talked about Will Smith.

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#75: No-No Words (Kurt Metzger, Keren Margolis, Ari Shaffir)

Kurt Metzger invited into his Spanish Harlem tenement where we talked about censorship of comedians. I don't know anyone who gets more upset every time the issue comes up. He gets so angry. I love it. Keren Margolis was also there and she gave her perspective as a comic who's new to the game. What we can and can't say on stage is probably the biggest hot button issue in the world of stand up.

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