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#164: Hip Hop Slop Shop (@PeteDavidson, @BrickStoneNews)

Pete Davidson came over to my apartment in LA to talk to me about rap and hip hop. He brought his friend Dave Sirus. And lucky he did, too, because Pete was super distracted checking tweets from his first network TV set airing. It was still a fun discussion and I am now a huge Juicy J fan.

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#163: Little (@FunnyBrad, @TonyHinchcliffe, @SarahTiana)

Brad Williams joined me on the patio of the Comedy Store one April afternoon to talk about what it's like to be a midget. He was open and honest and it was a fun, informative look at a different life experience. 

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#162: 1 Year in New York (@DougBenson)

Doug Benson met me at the Comedy Store and we sat on the patio, smoked reefer, and talked about each of our years in New York. It was a fun podcast that didn't even get interrupted by the AA meeting letting out through our haze of pot smoke. 

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#161: AIDSycle (@NickYoussef)

Nick Youssef takes a break from his busy day of mentoring jihadists to joing me on the roof of the Comedy Store for a podcast. This is the first one I've done from up there. We talked about his time on the AIDS LifeCycle where he rode a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We talked all about bikes and then ended it by Youssef making a bet he could never hope to win because he sucks.

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