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#238: Hot Cosby (@MatEdgar) Spoiler Alert #3 South Park S19.E01&02

Mat Edgar and I sat in our condo in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and watched South Park Season 19 episodes 1 and 2 and then did a spoiler alert podcast about what we saw. It's the third SA episode. We just talked all about the episodes. They were amazing episodes of perhaps the best sitcom of all time. 

If you want to attend the taping of This Is Not Happening this year, go to and put Ari Shaffir in the "referred by" line. The shows are next week in Hollywood.

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#237: Nun Of The Above (@KelliDunham)

Kelli Dunham met me in a park in Brooklyn to talk about her days as a nun. She, for real, lived in a nunnery and did all that garbage. Can you imagine living like that? Join us for a beautiful day in the park.

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Gary Vider came over to my apartment to do a podcast about dog walking. He's a comedian who's been pretty much making a living walking dogs for the last 5 years. It was a fun talk and of course we meandered a bunch. Also, I've got a new Eats Village (pending better name) in the outro. And the sound was kind of tinny on the intro and outro, sorry. 

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#235: First Responder; A 9/11 Story (Cris Italia)

9/11 was a terrible day in American history. This is one story of the many stories of that day. Cris Italia was a volunteer EMT and was around the corner when the first plane hit. By the time the second plane hit, he was already at ground zero, helping. It's a heartbreaking story of what happened to one man the day America stopped being invincible.

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