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#190: Candyman Candyman Candyman (@DeanDelray)

Dean Delray came over to my Los Angeles AirBnB to discuss a great love we both share. Candy. It's our muse. Seriously, we're both highly addicted to candy and we can't stop eating it but this is more a celebration of the thing we love. From how we got started on the sugar highway, to how it makes us feel, to our all time favorites. This is all about that sweet sweet. 

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#189: Catastrophic Alcoholic (@TheTeeb)

Jayson Thibault came to my AirBnB to talk about alcholism. Jayson is a drunk. He's addicted to alcohol. He was sober for almost 3 years and then he relapsed and now he can't stop drinking. So we talked about what it means to be an alcoholic. From how it started, to what it means on a day to day level, to why it continues. It's an educational experience through the eyes of an addict.

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#188: KMOQ: (@DanSoder)

Dan Soder met me at my apartment to talk about growing up in a single parent household. Dan's dad was like me, so he was gone pretty early in Dan's life. From then on it was just him and his mother. So we talked about that and some of the usual meanderings and that's how you make a podcast.

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#187: American Werehoser in London (@Escariot)

Pete Johannson met me at my flat in London to talk about the city. He moved here from Canada 5 years ago and he loves it. We talked all about London. The food, the healthcare, the girls, the drugs, and the comedy. It's been a while since I've seen him and it's always a good time. Intro with Katharine Ferns who's another Canadian comic in London.

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