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#242: A Thousand Whys to Doi (Happy Halloween)

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the holiday, I talked to a bunch of people about the different ways they fear dying. Everybody has their little irrational fears about dying in some normal situation. Here are some of those fears. Short and sweet so you can have more time to trick or treat for razor blades.

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#241: DMT (@CarlDonnelly)

Carl Donnelly invited me over to his flat in Edinburgh to talk about DMT. Carl has done it more than just about anybody I know. He's had a wide range of different experiences with the drug and we talked about all of it. Make sure to check out Carl's podcast, The Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin Comedy Podcast on iTunes and All Things Comedy. And stay tuned for the outro for another episode of Dope Meals (that's the new name for Eats Village)

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#240: Death Wish (@ChrisGethard, @NikkiGlaser, & @AllisonDore)

Chris Gethard, Nikki Glaser, and Allison Dore were my guests on a live podcast at the JFL42 comedy festival in Toronto, Canada last month. I never feel comfortable doing these live podcasts because the audience forces the discussion into a more laughs oriented direction. So I decided to test this theory by doing a podcast about suicide at a live show in front of a comedy festival crowd. The results were mixed. But I found it way more interesting than doing a surface podcast just so I could say I did it. So, here's an interesting discussion on suicidal thoughts in an audience that thought they were here for laughs.

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#239: Bogans (@TheNickCody)

Nick Cody met me in my flat in Edinburgh to explain to me what the hell a bogan is. I knew I didn't like them, but I couldn't properly express why. So Nick broke it down to me. If you don't know, a bogan is an Australian undesirable. Very specifically undesirable. And, yeah, I said flat instead of apartment. I'm UK to the mug now. 

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