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#181: It's A Match (@Walkinsauce)

Christina Walkinshaw met me in Montreal to talk all about Tinder. She's an expert of sorts and she and I discussed all things Tinder, her tumultuous past with Sam Tripoli, deportation and we pretty much just had a fun couple hours. Join us on a Tinderganza!

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#180: Haole 5-0 (@JonahRay)

Jonah Ray invited me into his converted garage studio to tell me all about Hawaii. Hawaiians have always been the biggest homers of any state in the US. And the daily life in Hawaii has always intrigued me. Jonah grew up there. So he was more than equipped to handle all the questions I had. Jonah Ray is one of the nicest, coolest guys you'll ever meet. I'm glad to get a chance to talk to him every time. I also have some good news about the Comedy Store I share in the intro.

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#179: A Fun Guy (@DuncanTrussell)

Duncan Trussell invited me over to his sweet ass apartment to talk about magic mushrooms. I needed someone for a shroomfest episode this year and as soon as I realized I was gonna be in LA, I thought, "Oh! Duncan!" He's like a spirit guide for this stuff. So knowledgeable on the subject and so smart in his analysis. I hope everybody has a great #shroomfest. Be safe. Start looking for mushrooms for next year now. They stay good in a ziplock in the freezer. Happy Shroomfest!

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#178: Mandingo (@DanteNero)

Dante Nero came over to my apartment to tell me about his days as a stripper. Dante use to work all over New York under the name "Mandingo." It's a life filled with debauchery, sweaty women, and cash. Nick Youssef joins me for the intro and we get majorly sidetracked with talk about Mexicans who don't understand that videos aren't real life.

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