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#248: Spoiler Alert 4: Star Wars - The Force Awakens (@MikeBlackAttack, @SteveSimeone)

Mike Black and Steve Simeone met me at the Comedy Store and we talked about the new Star Wars. There's tons of spoilers in here so stay away if you want everything to be fresh. But it's really not that important. The movie was just fun anyway. It ain't like getting a spoiler for 6th Sense or the movie where the guy was a girl. This is the 4th in my series of spoiler alert podcasts. Check out the others if you can find them.

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#247: Mickey D's (@TheMikeLawrence)

Mike Lawrence worked at McDonalds. For, like, a long time. I mean years. I know, right? So this episode is all about that. He came over to my apartment on his way home from his new writing job on Inside Amy Schumer (out in April) and we talked about all things Mickey D's. I know it's the cliched restaurant for a terrible job, but after you hear this episode you'll realize that cliches are around for a reason. It sounds awful. 

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#246: Phish Heads (@MikeFinoia)

Mike Finoia came to my apartment to talk about being a dirty hippie who followed Phish on the road from gig to gig. We also got into his trip to the "final" Grateful Dead concert ever in Chicago last year. I accidentally recorded it on ambient mode so it sounds kind of like a radio station from the '90s. But it's a fun episode full of drugs, music, and smelly vans. Oh, and I take my fertility test in the intro and outro.

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#245: Loose Lips Sink Ships (@MarkNorm)

Mark Normand came over to my apartment to have a discussion about keeping one’s mouth shut. Mark gets into trouble all the time for sharing too much and I wanted to talk about what that means, and the repercussions therein, and if it’s even possible for a comedian to share too much. And we meandered a crudload so it’s not entirely about having a big mouth.

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#244: Butterflather (@PatCoppolino)

Patrick Coppolino met me in my hotel room in Calgary to do a catch-up session on how he now feels about fatherhood. You might remember Patrick as a new father in episode 61. Well, it's been a few years, and I thought it'd be cool to see how he feels about things now. We meander A BUNCH in this episode so don't worry if you don't care about fatherhood. 

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#243: Hostel Territory (@HebertComedy)

Sean Hebert met me in a hotel room in Toronto to talk to me about hostels. I met Sean on my travels a few times. I've smoked dirt weed with him in his comically tiny apartment in Hong Kong and I've snorted Ritalin with him in his hostel in Thailand. He's stayed in hostels all over the world and he's been in all different kinds. So it's a lot of talk about life and travels in other countries. And Sean is a traveler for sure. 

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#242: A Thousand Whys to Doi (Happy Halloween)

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the holiday, I talked to a bunch of people about the different ways they fear dying. Everybody has their little irrational fears about dying in some normal situation. Here are some of those fears. Short and sweet so you can have more time to trick or treat for razor blades.

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#241: DMT (@CarlDonnelly)

Carl Donnelly invited me over to his flat in Edinburgh to talk about DMT. Carl has done it more than just about anybody I know. He's had a wide range of different experiences with the drug and we talked about all of it. Make sure to check out Carl's podcast, The Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin Comedy Podcast on iTunes and All Things Comedy. And stay tuned for the outro for another episode of Dope Meals (that's the new name for Eats Village)

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#240: Death Wish (@ChrisGethard, @NikkiGlaser, & @AllisonDore)

Chris Gethard, Nikki Glaser, and Allison Dore were my guests on a live podcast at the JFL42 comedy festival in Toronto, Canada last month. I never feel comfortable doing these live podcasts because the audience forces the discussion into a more laughs oriented direction. So I decided to test this theory by doing a podcast about suicide at a live show in front of a comedy festival crowd. The results were mixed. But I found it way more interesting than doing a surface podcast just so I could say I did it. So, here's an interesting discussion on suicidal thoughts in an audience that thought they were here for laughs.

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#239: Bogans (@TheNickCody)

Nick Cody met me in my flat in Edinburgh to explain to me what the hell a bogan is. I knew I didn't like them, but I couldn't properly express why. So Nick broke it down to me. If you don't know, a bogan is an Australian undesirable. Very specifically undesirable. And, yeah, I said flat instead of apartment. I'm UK to the mug now. 

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