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SA #1: Happy New Year (@Kathleen_McGee)

Kathleen McGee and I got SUPER high and went to see Dumb and Dumber To and then we did a podcast and talked all about it when it was over. Recorded in my hotel room in Vancouver, this was supposed to be the first Spoiler Alert podcast from me but now it's just an extra gift for New Years. Enjoy. And don't worry about it spoiling any jokes for you. If you were gonna see the movie, you would've seen it by now. Be honest with yourself for once.

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#198: A Very Jewish Christmas (@DanNaturman)

Dan Naturman stopped by my apartment to talk about what Christmas is like as a Jew. It was a surprisingly upbeat and pro-Christmas talk from two people who would have been used as the star on a Christmas tree only 30 years ago. Is that a thing? Anyway, happy holidays, everyone.

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#197: Injection Protection (Morgan Black)

Morgan Black met me in my hotel room in Vancouver to talk about his job at Insite. Insite is the safe injection place on Hastings Street in Vancouver. It's a place in heroin alley where junkies can go to get clean needles and they can use those needls to shoot up in a place that's supervised by people like Morgan. He watches over them to make sure they don't overdose. If they begin to, it's up to him to try and save them. He's seen a lot since he's been there and he shares it here.

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#196: Far and Away (@NickDipaolo)

Nick DiPaolo met me in the damn soundbooth at The Stand (I've really started doing these just about everywhere, huh?) to talk about life in the sticks of Westchester. Nick is from Boston, lived in New York for probably almost 2 decades, and now he lives up there. He's a guy I always looked up to as a comic so it was nice to get him on.

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#195: BackWords (@LizMiele)

Liz Miele came over to my apartment to talk about dyslexia. Well, she came over to talk about running marathons but the damn recorder screwed its mother right at the end of a 2 hour podcast so then we did another one about dyslexia. We probably should've done that one first because it's a way more interesting subject. She tells me all about her dyslexia, what it means to her, how she copes with it, and how other people react to it. It's a really interesting episode all brought to you by my stupid recorder not auto saving.

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Kathleen McGee came to my hotel room in Vancouver to update me on all the new adventures she's been on. I had her on to talk about some new sexcapades but then we also got into depression and giving up.

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#193: Shiny Happy Jihad (@JoeRogan)

Joe Rogan had me over to Freak Party studios to do an album commentary of his 2007 album, Shiny Happy Jihad. This is the first time I'm doing this where it's not the comic's first album. But I was there when Rogan was developing this material and I was there for the recording in San Francisco at Cobbs and I thought that added insight would make it way better to talk about this CD rather than his first CD. This is the longest podcast I've ever done. Hopefully iTunes won't have a problem with it. Emjoy your lives.

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#192: The Unicorn Whisperer (Christine Marie Evans)

Christine Evans made the block and a half trek to my aparment to talk about sex some. And more importantly, about the threesomes here and Big Jay have been having for the last 6 months. You see, Christine is one of those cool girlfriends. She's into doing fun stuff with her boyfriend and what could be more fun than boning a third person. And then another third person. And then another. It's an informative and boner inducing episode that's sure to be a Christmas classic for years to come.

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#191: Remember This (@SteveSimeone)

Steve Simeone is my guest for the 4th of these album commentary podcasts. The cool thing about this one is that Steve's album doesn't come out till tomorrow. I begged him to do this with me and he was cool enough to say yes. So everyone go out and buy Remember This by Steve Simeone and tell 8 to 10 friends about it as soon as you can.

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#190: Candyman Candyman Candyman (@DeanDelray)

Dean Delray came over to my Los Angeles AirBnB to discuss a great love we both share. Candy. It's our muse. Seriously, we're both highly addicted to candy and we can't stop eating it but this is more a celebration of the thing we love. From how we got started on the sugar highway, to how it makes us feel, to our all time favorites. This is all about that sweet sweet. 

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