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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes. 

Dec 28, 2021

Nate Marshall and I talk about how we both kind of feel the media is turning everybody on each other. We kept it funny, relaxed. Nate watched so much TV and read so much social media during the BLM protests that he could feel his worldview changing toward the negative. We were both thinking about these ideas when we met last summer and we immediately traded stories and ideas on it. Now we’re both kind of feeling that our thoughts are no longer our own. But for real, we kept it light.

It’s a great fun conversation. I wish I could talk to more people like this about far-out ideas and subjects without any worry about emotions flaring up. Almost everyone I know is just about on the same side of most issues. So it’s wild that we’re at each other's throats so much. Even comedians! We’re a tiny group of fringe entertainers and we’ve somehow invented divisions among ourselves that have standup comedians hating other standup comedians! Nobody even fucked anybody’s girlfriend! It’s just people in a tiny group, hating other people in this tiny group because we’re being rewarded for turning on each other or they’re mostly showing us views we don’t share by people we’re not friends with. We’re doomed!

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